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Our spiritual movement aims to promote awareness of Hinduism and encourage realistic and simple worship practices that can be understood by everyone. Join us as we strive to create a more enlightened society.

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Insights about Hinduism

Why do Surya Namaskar?

This article explores the importance of practicing Surya Namaskar and how to do it effectively. Instructional diagram included.

Who is Mother Kali?

In this article, we delve into the divine presence of Kali Amma and various worship methods.

What is Griha Pravesam (House Warming Prayer)?

Explore the tradition and significance of Griha Pravesam in this article.

Embarking on a spiritual journey offers invaluable lessons that transcend beyond the physical realm. One of the most fundamental teachings is the essence of spreading love - a virtue that radiates light and positivity to those around us.

Guru Prakash Diar

Spiritual Head

Youth Wing

The youth wing of the Shree Kali Amman Mandir is upheld and run via its sister organisation, The Hari Narayana Bhajanai Mandiram (HNBM). The HNBM came into existence in 2011 and have received many accolades due to their dedicated community service through music and upliftment projects nationally.

HNBM proudly affiliates itself with the Shree Kali Amman Mandir (SKAM), a spiritual organization based in Lenasia South. Guided by Guru Prakash Diar, SKAM shares identical values and objectives with HNBM. Both organizations collaborate extensively in religious, spiritual, and community upliftment endeavors. The bond between Guru Prakash Diar and Kreasan Moodley, nurtured since childhood, forms a foundation of brotherhood that drives HNBM's mission. The group also maintains affiliations with various esteemed associations such as Tamil Federation Gauteng (TFG), Andhra Maha Sabha South Africa (AMSSA), South African Raam Bhajan Association (SARBA), Sandton Andhra Sabha (SAS), and the Gauteng Unity Bhajan Association (GUBA).

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