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03/11/16 10:54:22
Good day,
I am interested in your Hamper Distribution & Feeding Scheme, but wanted to ask a few questions.
is this the first year that you will be doing this? if no, where would I find pictures of previous years distribution?
At the bottom of the letter, it is stated: "This donation is utilized 100% Towards Black Previously Disadvantaged Persons, of which Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Affidavits will be issued"
Is this including people of Indian descent as well in the distribution?
If no, Why are you discriminating against Indian people? Are they not in need as well?
Vanakum. Thank you so much for your interest in our project. We have done many such Hamper drives over the past 10 + years. This is however the biggest that we are driving. Images are available at request, via mail or on our facebook page shree kali amman mandir. Please note that in South Africa, We are regarded as Black previously disadvantaged too. These hampers are distributed to Indian, black, colored homes. Feel free to contact us should you have any queries. 084 5528317
Much Love and Light
Yasheen Jagapersadh
19/04/16 13:09:25
This is definitely my new home. The Love I experience here is beyond words. Thank you Anna, you are our Light.
Litchmee Naidoo
24/02/16 12:35:51
AUM Shakti
Terrance Naidoo
24/02/16 12:35:20
Aum Shakti
03/02/16 00:02:51
Vanakum All
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